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YSS Awarded CARF Accreditation

YSS received yet another three-year accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), a nonprofit accreditation program that recognizes provider services worldwide.

The accreditation signals YSS’s commitment to providing quality care to those in need. With the independent verification, clients and their families can be assured they will receive reliable, expert services from our organization.

To gain accreditation, YSS staff prepped for months to complete a self-evaluation, application, and surveys. A team of five CARF surveyors spent three days reading YSS’s policies and procedures, reviewing client files, and interviewing staff, clients, family members, and other stakeholders to ensure YSS meets more than 2,000 standards.

“I’m most proud of the investment that our staff—more than 300 YSSers—made toward the process, ensuring that we have operational effectiveness as an organization,” said Andrew Allen, YSS President and CEO.

YSS prides itself on providing evidence-based, best-in-class services to tens of thousands of youth and families each year. The accreditation reassures clients that YSS programs are in line with international standards focused on quality and results.

“It proves there is consistency across the agency—whether the service is located in Mason City, Des Moines, or Marshalltown,” said David Hicks, YSS of Marshall County Director. “The standards are set, measured, and assessed at every community-based center. This shows we operate as ‘one YSS’ and we take pride in that.”

As part of the accreditation, CARF released a report on YSS. Among the comments, surveyors noted: “A positive culture of hope, respect, and safety is evident across the organization. Staff members are caring, encouraging, and empathetic. The commitment to improving the lives of youth and families in Iowa comes through loud and clear in every conversation.”

“CARF accreditation is important because it shows our communities and staff that we expect a very high level of standards to be met in our service delivery,” explained Shanda Hansen, YSS Francis Lauer Director.

“It provides a level of accountability for our organization and ensures we are doing our very best every day,” Hansen added.

Check out our YSS programs. Learn more about CARF accreditation.

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