Youth Recovery Campus

YSS is excited to announce plans for a new youth recovery campus near Cambridge, Iowa. Located in a serene, nature-based setting, the facility will provide crisis stabilization, emergency shelter, and residential addiction treatment for youth.

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Campus Designs

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Introducing Ember

We are excited to announce the official campus name: Ember. A small glowing fragment of a fire that can be revived, Ember reminds families and youth there is always hope. There is still enough fire in their hearts to overcome life’s challenges.

About the Project

Thanks to generous friends, donors, and a transformational investment from CICS and the state of Iowa, YSS is planning to create a place that will provide treatment and support for Iowa youth.

A modern, homelike residential space will complement and enhance YSS services. The best-in-class facility will include retreat-style cottages, wellness and recreation areas, nature trails, and therapy spaces.

Our vision for the campus:

  • Multi-building campus that takes a holistic approach to treatment and recovery
  • Nature-based environment that supports mental wellbeing
  • Centrally located and close to other community-based services and YSS headquarters in Ames
  • A safe and welcoming place that complements YSS’s successful, wrap-around services
  • Shared spaces specifically designed with youth’s needs in mind

In addition to upgraded facilities, we’re adapting and enhancing our programs and approach to give youth new tools. The additional support extends beyond our facilities and includes an alumni network for peer support and innovations such as a collegiate recovery program.

Campus Supporters
CICS $10 million
Adele & Dean Bowden $1.5 million
Lohse Family Foundation Fund
Prairie Meadows Legacy Grant
Jan & George Beran
Mary Ann & Jim Black
Variety - The Children's Charity
Campus Supporters
Underwood Family Foundation
Renewable Energy Group
Campus Supporters
JoAnn & Curtis Clark
Pam & Dan Sargent
Wise Family Foundation
Campus Supporters
Under $100,000
Nancy and Keith Swanson
Monica and Max Porter
Lynell Dougherty
Randi and Steve Peters
Suzy and John Shierholz
Skip Walter
Melissa and Austin Woodin
Sarah and J. Ben Buck
Natalie and Mike Welter
Evelyn and Richard Shibles
Patty and Jim Cownie Charitable Fund
Karen and Jonathan Wickert
Roberta Milinsky
Carolyn and Scott Raymond
Judi and Gary Eyles
George Belitsos and Peter Wolfe
Ellen Corwin
Judy Stammeyer
Mary Neubauer and Larry Loss
Linda Simpson
Julene Powell
Shannon Rose
Barbara Bellizzi
Patricia Miller
Betty and Rodney Ruppel
Sue and Bill Ballard
Mary Kay and Dennis Rhodes
Jerry Jones
Henry G. and Norma A. Peterson Trust
Mary Gallagher
Frances and Roger Armstrong
Margaret and William Connet
Collin Cheatham
Glenn Goecke
Jerry Jones
Rick Bartosh
Paula Curran
Callyn's Crusaders
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Get Involved

You can be part of this amazing project focused on youth mental health and addiction services in Central Iowa.


Champion our cause.
Contact us to get involved, receive more information and help make this campus a reality.


Invite other people to come along with YSS on our journey.
Tell your friends and family about this transformational project, which will impact youth around the state.


Invest your time, treasure and talents.
Give to YSS, or contact YSS President & CEO Andrew Allen at to learn how you can support the campus project.

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley congratulates YSS on the unveiling of its new youth recovery campus and recognizes all the organization is doing to help youth and families across the state.

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