Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome new and current volunteers in the Ames and surrounding areas!

Read the volunteer application descriptions below and click on the application to apply!

On-going/ Skills-based Volunteer Application
At YSS, our on-going/ skills-based volunteers have opportunities to get involved in all areas of the organization. From working alongside children, youth and young adults ages 0-26 years in our prevention, treatment, transition, or child welfare emergency service programs, to planning and executing events, to bookkeeping for finance, the opportunities to make an impact are endless!

View our skills-based opportunities to see if any fit with your experiences or interests! Often these opportunities are created by volunteers who share their unique skills and interests with us. Fill out an on-going/skills-based application to share!
Current volunteers who are interested in skills-based opportunities can email volunteercoordinator@yss.org.

One-time/Set-term Volunteer Application
Opportunities for those looking to give less than 12 hours of volunteer time, one-time/set-term volunteers, are highly beneficial to YSS and serve in a variety of ways. They can get involved in events that need help staffing, projects (outdoor/indoor facilities), and ongoing-weekly donated goods deliveries to name a few! While most of these opportunities are on an as-needed basis, we ask to please be flexible.

Group Volunteer Application
Group volunteer opportunities at YSS range from staffing events to large projects (outdoor/indoor facilities) to holding a donation drive. The first and easiest is to hold a donation drive. We will talk to you about our most-needed items, and then coordinate a time for you to bring in any donations. You can find a list of needed items here.

If your group is interested in donating food or making a meal, please contact Morghan Carney at mcarney@yss.org or Matthew Voorhees at mvoorhees@yss.org.

Mentor Volunteer Application 
Mentoring is the largest volunteer program at YSS serving 350 youth (K-8th grades) in the Ames and surrounding areas. Mentoring is a 40 minute/week commitment throughout the school year. Visit our mentoring page to learn more!