Donate to Teens Against Human Trafficking

Teens Against Human Trafficking is a youth-centered prevention education program that was started by an Iowa teenager with a passion to fight modern-day slavery.

TAHT provides services statewide in partnership with schools and communities:

  • to educate students on what human trafficking looks like, how traffickers recruit and groom victims, what they can do to stay safe, and how to get help if they’re in trouble.
  • to initiate and support student-led extracurricular clubs that participate in fundraising, service opportunities, and awareness projects in their own schools and communities.
  • to engage faculty/staff at local schools, as well as parents and community members, to better promote community-wide safety and awareness.
  • to offer anti-trafficking training for professionals that may encounter human trafficking in their line of work.

TAHT has partnered with over 90 schools to educate over 14,000 students and 9,000 adults in over 35 Counties across Iowa since July 2016. In addition, TAHT has referred over 300 individuals to victim services.

Donate today to help us keep Iowa youth safe!

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