Not everyone is so lucky as to have permanent housing. At YSS, we recognize the need to support youth and young adults in our community struggling with homelessness. Our Supportive Housing programs help get young adults into safe, secure housing so they can focus on building a brighter future.

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Housing First

Youth and young adults in Iowa struggle with homelessness for many reasons. They may have aged out of the foster care system, cannot live safely with a parent or family member, or don't have stable living arrangements.

Our programs focus on helping these homeless youth—including pregnant or parenting families—to live independently and become self-sufficient.

YSS's Supportive Housing programs help those who are non-system involved, meaning they are not placed or directly supported by any governmental payment agency. An advocate works one-on-one with each client to help them set and achieve educational, employment, and independent living goals.

About Our Programs

Transitional Living Program
Ames, Boone, Marshalltown
YSS provides homeless youth and young adults (ages 16-21) a safe living environment and individualized support to help them reach their goals.

Participants may stay in the program for up to 18 months. During this time, youth work one-on-one with Transitional Living Advocates to create a plan to acquire safe and secure housing, stable employment, and overall self-sufficiency. Youth are expected to place a portion of their salary in a savings account for use after leaving the program.

Rapid Rehousing
Ames, Boone, Des Moines, Marshalltown
Youth (age 18-24) can move into their own stable housing with our Rapid Rehousing program. Participants live in their own apartment with a lease in their name, while receiving support from Rapid Rehousing Advocates.

While in the program, youth receive rent assistance for 12 months as they work to obtain stable employment at a livable wage and achieve overall self-sufficiency.

The program also focuses on helping human trafficking survivors. We pay 100% of rent and utilities for up to 12 months to help the youth heal and rebuild their lives.

Lighthouse Program
Des Moines
Families experiencing homelessness (parents ages 16-24) can live at our Lighthouse duplexes for up to 24 months.

While in the program, the parents receive a safe living environment as well as parenting and life skills training. A portion of their salary goes to savings, which they receive when they gain self-sufficiency and move into permanent housing.

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance
Des Moines
Young adults who are experiencing homelessness or in our Aftercare program for former foster care youth (age 18-23) can move into their own stable housing with our Tenant-Based Rental Assistance program.

Youth live in their own apartment with a lease in their name, while receiving support from a YSS Advocate. All participants are required to pay at least 25 dollars per month, after that it is income based. While in the program, youth receive up to 12 months of rental assistance based on their income.