First Step Forward

Welcome to Starting a Teens Against Human Trafficking Team! We would like to thank you for your interest in stopping human trafficking through peer education. Below is information about starting TAHT teams, along with additional resources for events, further education, and handouts for engaging with the community. 


Follow these steps below to start your own team:

Step 1: Team Formation

After finding three or four people interested in starting a TAHT team, consider what roles would play to each person’s strength and the “Recommended Leadership Roles” below can provide guidance. Next, understand what steps need to be taken at your school to become a recognized organization. This usually involves an advisor, a school staff member that provides guidance and support. Once an advisor has been found they can be directed to this site where there are resources and guides. 

Step 2: Laying the Groundwork and Forming Meeting Structure

Before hosting events and running organization meetings, everyone needs to be on the same page. Below we have a couple of guides and a visual of a possible meeting timeline based on one meeting a week. The Start-Up Guide provides a description of TAHT team structure as well as step-by-step pre-formed educational meetings to get the team started! The Activity Guide has suggestions for possible activities that the team could do to promote awareness in your school and community.

Step 3: Learning Modules

Once you’ve become a student organization, planned which leadership rolls members are taking on and read through the materials in step 2 you are ready to host your first educational meeting! The modules are numbered and correspond to the educational meetings in the Start-Up guide. 

Labor Trafficking 101 

  • Module 1
    • Action Ideas, Ice Breakers, Video Links, TAHT Activity Guide
  • Module 2
    • Faces of HT Video Link, Humans for Sale, International Labour Organization Link, Men of Atalissa Article
  • Module 3
    • 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report, ATEST Statement, How Much Does It Cost, World Map-Labor Trafficking
  • Module 4
    • Slavery Footprint Link

Sex Trafficking 101

  • Module 5
    • Sex Trafficking Myths and Realities, What is Sex Trafficking Handout
  • Module 6
    • Any Kid Anywhere Link
  • Module 7
    • America's Daughter Video, Who are the Victims
  • Module 8
    • Tiffany's Story
  • Module 9
    • HT Power & Control Wheel, Stop the Traffic, The Traffickers sheet
  • Module 10
    • Advertisements for Activity, John School Stats

Teachers and Advisors

As an advisor to a Teens Against Human Trafficking team, there are many ways to ensure the success of your team. TAHT teams allow youth to learn leadership skills and create a positive change in their community as the teams work against the weight of oppression. Below is a Teens Against Human Trafficking Advisor Guide that provides some help in your new role. As TAHT deals with very heavy emotional topics, there are also some links for self-care and mental health support.

Potential health links:

Additional Resources


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Additional Materials

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Reach out today!

Please feel free to contact us with questions or for more information. If your request is urgent in nature, we request you contact us by phone at 515.233.3141.