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YSS Named Recipient of Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grants

Prairie Meadows has awarded funding from its Community Betterment Grants to YSS. It was announced that $10,000 will go toward the new 6th Avenue Flats behavioral health offices and another $10,000 will go toward the YSS Technology Improvement Project.

Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grants fund small-to-medium sized projects that seek to improve the lives of those in their communities.

6th Avenue Flats

A collaboration between Hatch Development, Kiernan Development, YSS, DMAAC, and other community partners, 6thAvenue Flats will provide affordable housing to low-income individuals in Des Moines. Some of the 42 apartments will be reserved for YSS youth who have aged out of the foster care system and are at-risk or experiencing homelessness.

As part of the project, YSS will open on-site therapy offices for YSS clinicians to provide support services to the residents, as well as the surrounding community. The Prairie Meadows grant will support furnishing of the office space.

YSS Technology Improvement Project

During the past several years, YSS has made significant investments in its technology infrastructure. Staff need access to portable and reliable computers, printers, comfortable workstations, and the flexibility to work remotely for YSS to provide quality services to clients.

 The Prairie Meadows grant will allow YSS to continue improving and upgrading technology, including purchasing 10 computers. These new computers will maximize organization productivity and collaboration, allowing staff to help more clients, hold more counseling sessions, or conduct other services for vulnerable youth, young adults, and their families.

One of Iowa’s oldest and largest youth-serving nonprofit organizations, YSS’s mission is to provide hope and opportunity by putting kids first. We provide education to build healthy minds and bodies; counseling to overcome life’s challenges; and stability to focus on the future. Together, YSS’s programs help youth grow and empower them to reach their full potential. Headquartered in Ames, YSS has locations across the state and tailors its services to fit the needs of each community.

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