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From Mentee to Mentor: Meet Noah

When Noah was in second grade, he moved in with his grandparents while his mother struggled with substance use. Amidst the turmoil in his personal life, Noah found stability through the YSS Mentoring program.

His mentor, Macy, came to his classroom once a week to eat lunch with him, play games, and ask how he was doing. Those interactions made all the difference for Noah and gave him something positive in his life when he needed it most.

“It was a life-changing experience,” Noah says. “I was shy and didn’t let many people in, but I looked forward to seeing Macy every week. It helped having someone to talk to.”

Now a student at Boone High School, Noah went from being a YSS mentee to a YSS mentor.

At the beginning of his sophomore year, Noah’s school sent an email about applying to the YSS Mentoring program—and he immediately jumped on the opportunity. He wanted to become a positive role model to someone else—just as Macy was to him.

This year, he is mentoring a young student at the local elementary school. Noah explains that his mentee also lives with his grandparents, so Noah can relate on a deep level and offer personal advice.

“Every week on my lunch hour, I drive to the elementary school and we play games—Trouble is his favorite,” Noah explains. “His teacher always says how he can’t stop talking about me, and he can’t wait until it’s Thursday.”

YSS empowers youth by providing education to build health minds and bodies.

For over 40 years, the YSS Mentoring program has offered support and guidance to kids by matching them with a positive, caring role model.

Teachers report that YSS mentees are better students and develop positive behavior in the classroom. A recent YSS survey found that 30% of mentees in the program improved their grades, and nearly 75% reported higher self-esteem because of their mentorships.

“You get to know your mentee really well, and you grow a relationship with them,” Noah says. “This kid is so happy when he sees me through his classroom door. It makes me feel good knowing I’m impacting someone else’s life, just like my mentor did for me when I was younger.”

Learn more about the YSS Mentoring program.

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