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Staff Spotlight: Meet Bambi

bambiAfter 32 years at YSS, Bambi Schrader still finds her work rewarding. “It’s just a great organization,” she says of YSS. “I haven’t had the need to look for a job elsewhere.” 

Bambi came to YSS to make a difference for youth and families, and that’s exactly what she did. For 26 years, she worked with foster care and adoption. She is now the collaboration manager for Community, Youth, and Family Development (CYFD). 

“In each of the positions I’ve had, YSS has been very supportive and allowed me flexibility in my schedule,” Bambi says. “I have also had excellent management that not only helped me grow professionally but personally.” 

Of her three-plus decades of employment at YSS, Bambi has one story that stands out from the rest. When she was working in foster care, she was waiting for a client outside a school in Nevada. A woman approached her and asked, “Bambi?” She said to wait there, then returned with her daughter.  

“The mom explained the girl was in our program when she was only one year old,” Bambi says. “She introduced us and told her daughter, ‘I want you to meet the woman who changed our lives.’” 

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