YSS of Story County


Ames serves as the headquarters for YSS in a historic downtown building that was originally home to the city's fire and police department, jail, and city council.

In addition, YSS offers a counseling clinic, youth shelter, and two residential addiction treatment houses in Ames. We are proud to be part of the Ames community, and we are grateful for our partnerships with local organizations as well as Iowa State University.

Our Location

Ames Headquarters
420 Kellogg Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50010

Phone: 515-233-3141
Email: yss@yss.org
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Our Programs

Addiction Treatment

Our Ember Recovery program provides evidence-based, residential treatment for youth with substance use disorder. Learn more.

Afterschool & Summer Programs

YSS Kids Club offers fun and engaging care for elementary kids before/after school and during the summer. Learn more.

Counseling Services

Our licensed providers at the YSS Family Counseling Clinic offer a myriad of behavioral health services to clients of all ages. Learn more.

Crisis Stabilization

We provide short-term care for youth experiencing an acute mental health, behavioral health, or substance use issue. Learn more.

Emergency Shelter

Our Rosedale Shelter offers a safe place for youth in crisis—with food, clothing, hygiene items, and support. Learn more.

Foster Care Advocacy & Aftercare

YSS is the lead agency for two groups who support current and former foster care youth: AMP and the Iowa Aftercare Services Network. Learn more.


The YSS Mentoring program builds positive relationships through school-based and community-based mentoring. Learn more.

Pregnancy & Parenting Education

Our Nest and Healthy Futures programs provide parenting education and supplies for young mothers. Learn more.


We prepare kids to make healthy and positive choices through school and community programming. Learn more.

Supportive Housing

YSS offers individualized support and rental assistance for young adults experiencing homelessness. Learn more.

YSS Family Counseling Clinic

At our clinic, YSS providers offer a variety of services, including mental health therapy, substance use counseling, integrated health services, psychiatric services and medication management, access and visitation program, OWI evaluations, and behavioral health intervention services.

YSS Family Counseling Clinic
125 South 3rd Street
Ames, IA 50010

Rosedale Shelter

Established as Iowa's first-ever youth shelter in the 1970s, Rosedale continues to offer safety and services to youth in crisis.

Rosedale Shelter
703 Burnett Avenue
Ames, Iowa

Ember Recovery

Ember Recovery has helped over 5,000 youth find hope and sobriety. Located in two residential houses in Ames, the program offers a warm and welcoming environment for youth to begin their recovery journey.

Ember Recovery
804 Kellogg Avenue
Ames, Iowa


Overnight stays in YSS's Ember Recovery residential addiction treatment program in 2022.


Number of therapy sessions by YSS providers in 2022


Number of YSS therapy clients across the state


“YSS was different. The staff showed interest in my hobbies, and I felt like each person really cared about me.”

– CJ

“Without YSS, I would not be the person that I am today. I have hope and motivation for a better future.”

– Trinity

"YSS believed in me when I was at the lowest of lows. They gave me a chance to be the best version of myself."

– Anonymous Client


Riley's Story

At 16, Riley was heading down a bad path—smoking weed, hanging out with older friends. But it wasn’t until she was facing a felony charge that she knew she needed help. She and her dad found Ember Recovery in Ames.

In the program, Riley overcame her obstacles and learned to focus on her wellbeing. She grew close to the other girls in the house, explored new hobbies, and benefited from individual and group therapy. Today, Riley lives in Florida with her own apartment and a job she loves. She credits Ember Recovery and YSS with changing the direction of her life.

“If it weren’t for YSS, I wouldn’t have finished high school. I would have kept going down the path I was on and probably ended up in jail,” Riley says. “The program helped me so much. I’ll always remember it.”

Upcoming Events

McCay Awards
July 18, 2023
4-5:30 p.m.
Reiman Gardens

Our Leadership

Andrew Allen
YSS President & CEO

YSS Corporate Board of Directors
Chair: James Bucher
Vice Chair: Laura Jolly

See a full list of board members.