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Mason City, IA

YSS is seeking a full-time Youth Recovery Specialist for our adolescent residential addiction treatment facility in Mason City. The Youth Recovery Specialist will supervise and care for residents of the house on a rotating on-duty, off-duty basis, while providing an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.  The Youth Recovery Specialist is responsible for the daily living routine and general management of the house so that each resident can grow and develop as an individual to his/her fullest capacity.  The position is mainly one of supervision and maintenance rather than therapy.

  • High school diploma/equivalent and one year of human service related experience is required.
  • Recovering applicants must have a minimum of two years of continuous sobriety to be considered for this position.
  • Must have a valid driver's license and adequate insurance coverage in accordance with YSS policy.
  • Must be at least 21 years old to meet insurance requirements to drive agency vehicles.
  • Bachelor's degree in a human services or related field is preferred.
  • Knowledge of the 12 Steps of AA/NA is preferred.
  • Relates to residents in a caring, supportive, and therapeutic manner:
    • Takes an active interest in each resident as an individual and deals respectfully with his/her thoughts, feelings, and choices.
    • Listens effectively to residents.
    • Respects the individual resident's rights to make his/her own decisions and to deal with the consequences and reactions to those decisions.
    • Supervises volunteers and substitute staff while on duty.
    • Assures proper coverage is available for the house.
  • Provides the necessary amount of structure to facilitate growth and productive functioning of the facility:
    • Serves as an appropriate model for behavior to the residents.
    • Reads the log upon coming on duty and updates the log on each resident daily.
    • Consistently observes limits and consequences and sees that they are consistently carried out.  Enforces rules and procedures as established in the Handbook and Personal Contracts.
    • Helps plan and carry out group activity.
  • Provides for the daily maintenance of the house and assures that safe living conditions are provided in compliance with fire, safety, and health regulations:
    •  Keeps receipts of all checks written, attaches to Check Request Forms, and enters the expense in the checkbook.
    • Answers telephone and receives visitors.  Contacts appropriate on-call staff in an emergency.
    • May oversee morning schedule of residents including wake-up, supervising showers and chores, and preparing breakfast.
    • May prepare and serve well balanced and nutritious meals as per dietitian’s menu guidelines.  May shop for food and keeps food expenses at a minimum.  If involved in purchasing or preparing food, will do all necessary check requests and meal statistics/paperwork.  Will supervise clients during meals.
    • Manages the residents' records of clothing budget.  Prepares residents' initial clothing list and takes residents shopping, when necessary.
    • Assures personal hygiene of residents through proper care of body and clothing and the living quarters.  Oversees bed-stripping and supervises resident and household laundry.
    • Responsible for making doctor appointments in event of an emergency, flu, etc., and coordinates with the Residential Program Coordinator or Designee for routine examinations.  Transports resident(s) to doctor, if necessary.
    • Oversees nightly schedule for residents, including rooms in order and lights out, and checks and maintains building security.  Inspects the house to see that it is clean and orderly.
    • Fills out work orders, as needed.
    • Updates Night House Managers switching to on-duty shift about status of each resident and any significant changes at the house.
    • Updates other staff about the status of each resident and any significant changes at the house.
    • Completes stats and other paperwork in a correct and timely fashion.
    • Transports residents to meetings, work, recreational activities, etc.
    • Distributes medications at appropriate times.
    • Will be on a rotating "on-call" for runaway reports and crisis situations.
    • Supervises physical/recreational activities.
    • Keeps the house orderly at all times and cleans, as needed.  Strips the beds and cleans the rooms of discharged residents.
    • Keeps the linen and supply closets clean and orderly.  Organizes bedding and personal and school items for residents.
    • Supervises unpacking of new residents and packing of discharged residents.  Keeps a clothing inventory on each resident.
    • Appropriately searches clients and clients’ belongings at admission and at other times as appropriate.
    • Checks client rooms daily and keeps them locked when not accessible to clients.
    • Other duties as needed.
For more information, please contact Tracey Jennings at

All applicants are required to complete an online application.

YSS hires nicotine free staff only. EOE