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Ames, IA

The Youth Employment Specialist will be responsible for contacting and recruiting local community businesses or agencies to employ at-risk youth, placing youth in jobs closest to their interests and/or talents, and follow-up with employers.  The Specialist also provides employment skills training and mentoring.

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a human service area, personnel, education, business administration, or social work is required.
  • Two years of relevant experience is required.
  • Maintain program quality standards.
  • Contact and recruit local community businesses and agencies to employ youth. Work with YSS CYFD Collaboration Manager on this.
  • Interview youth applicants and do an assessment of skills, education, experience, and interests, so that effective job matching or appropriate service will occur.
  • Maintain friendly, courteous conduct in serving the public so that a contribution is made in maintaining YSS and Workforce Center image as positive and one of being a service provider.
  • Provide weekly youth employment groups at YSS’ 712 House and YRH. Coordinate scheduling with Lead Youth Recovery Specialist. Programming includes, but is not limited to soft skills training, communication, first impressions, skills training, field trips, community service/job shadow opportunities, and use YE Program tablets as a tool to complete assessments, resume, and surveys as necessary.
  • Outreach to Story County and YSS Service providers, as it relates to Youth Employment services and your role.
  • Attend 1 Career Fair in Story County annually. Network to build opportunities for youth.
  • Communicate, cooperate, and coordinate activities with YSS and Workforce coworkers and supervisors so that a contribution is made to improve or enhance morale and an equitable workload is maintained.
  • Coordinate placement of youth at designated job sites and provide regularly scheduled review of progress, performance, attitudes, and future job availability. Follow-up with employers to ensure you are following up responsibly. (per release of youth)
  • Report weekly on the Prevention spreadsheet, monthly ASSET report, and both monthly and quarterly QI reports. This includes, but is not limited to the number of youth served, youth surveys completed, youth job shadowing, completing service learning projects and gaining employment.
  • Participate as a Team Leader on the SCCAN (Story County College Access Network). Attend monthly meetings and contribute additionally as necessary/required.
  • Maintain good working relationships with Story County middle and high schools to establish youth employment classes and help students obtain and keep jobs.
  • Maintain good working relations with Chamber of Commerce offices in Story County.
  • Maintain relationships with local service clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.
  • Provide local groups with programs that stress youth employment.
  • Conduct and report outcome measures as assigned.
  • Understand and conform to youth employment laws.
  • Participate in Teen Maze and Summer Programming annually. Coordinate with CYFD Staff as it relates to YE Programming for the IMPACT programs in Story County.
  • Publish regular youth employment newsletter, manage social media site(s) with up to date information. Participate as a contributing member of the Prevention team as other youth employment/development needs arise.


For more information, please contact Ruth Buckels at

All applicants are required to complete an online application.
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