Residential Overnight Specialist – PT

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Mason City, IA
YSS is seeking a full-time Residential Overnight Specialist for our adolescent residential addiction treatment facility in Mason City. The Residential Overnight Specialist will supervise and care for residential participants during the overnight and morning hours, while providing an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.
The Specialist will remain awake at all times throughout the entire shift. A well functioning, nightly living routine will be carried out so that each participant can sleep undisturbed, insuring that participants remain in bed. This individual oversees bedtime and rising routines, and is responsible for cleaning, maintenance and laundry. This individual is responsible for completing required written and computerized paperwork, including scanning documents into the electronic file. This individual is also responsible for food preparation (breakfast), including ensuring all meals are in compliance with regulatory requirements.  This position is one of supervision rather than counseling or therapy.


  • High school diploma/GED is required.
  • One year of experience in the care and management of groups of adolescents is preferred.
  • Must have a valid driver's license
  • Supervises participants during the evening, night and early morning. Relates to participant in a caring, supportive and therapeutic manner.
  • Takes an active interest in the participants and is aware of individual presenting problems, behaviors and personality.
  • Oversees nightly schedule including rooms in order, showers, and lights out.
  • Enforces program rules and restrictions consistently, fairly and firmly.
  • Immediately reports any non-authorized absences during the night, in accordance with program policy and procedure.
  • Provides crisis intervention when needed and alerts on-call staff of a medical or counseling emergency.
  • Does bed checks every 15 – 30 minutes until the participants are asleep, and then hourly with a minimum of five checks documented between midnight and 6:00 a.m.
  • Records behaviors, problems, observations, or events in the Overnight Behavior Observation document.  States specific behavior.  Does not use judgmental, slang, or profane language except when quoting a participant.     
  • When rule violations occur, informs the participant of the consequence.
  • Makes sure that participants receive necessary medical attention, dispenses medicine and documents it.
  • Answers telephone, checks voicemail, and receives visitors.
  • Supervises breakfast preparation for participants, and oversees morning schedule of participants, including wake-up and chores, and showers. 
  • Transports participants as needed.
  • Gives feedback to other team members concerning participants' overall nighttime behavior. 
  • The Residential Overnight Specialist may work at Seven-12 House or Youth Recovery House, depending on the need of the program and participant census. \
  • Completes the Overnight Checklist to ensure the nightly maintenance of the house and safe living conditions are provided in compliance with fire, safety, and health regulations.  Your supervisor will provide you with a list of specific duties.    
  • Will prepare nutritional breakfasts.
    1.  Must be within guidelines of the Department of Education.
    2.  Will ensure adequate food prepared.
    3. Will utilize available freezer space.
    4. Will properly store unused foods or foods prepared in advance.
    5. Will pick up donated food and complete required documentation.
    6. Rotate canned/packaged foods to keep from becoming out-of-date for use.
    7. Will ensure there are adequate staples available at all times, such as milk, bread, etc.

All applicants are required to complete an online application.

YSS hires nicotine free staff only. EOE