Overnight Emergency Services Specialist – PT

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Rosedale Shelter (Ames, IA)

Rosedale Shelter is seeking a part-time Overnight Emergency Services Specialist to supervise and care for residential clients during the night and early morning hours while providing an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. A well-functioning, nightly living routine will be carried out so that all clients can sleep undisturbed, ensuring that clients remain in bed.  This individual oversees clients’ rising in the morning and is responsible for house cleaning and laundry.

The Overnight ESS is required to work OVERNIGHT HOURS.

  • High School Diploma/equivalent is required.
  • Two years of related work or life experience is required.

Client Supervision:

  • Provide direct supervision of the clients, ensuring their presence and safety; responsible for knowing whereabouts and activities of clients at all times when supervising.
  • Serve as an appropriate role model for clients and maintain professionalism at all times. Continually model respectful behavior, social skills, appropriate boundaries, and other behavior that will be expected from the clients.
  • Effectively manage client group dynamics.
  • Understand and effectively supervise each aspect of the overnight and morning routine.
  • Instruct and assist clients in completing their assigned daily household chores and laundry so they learn proper cleaning techniques and expectations.
  • Understand client behavior management system; implement goals and privileges consistently.
  • Plan and prepare breakfast as necessary to Dept. of Education standards.
  • Understand client behavior management system; implement goals and privileges consistently.
  • Maintain thorough knowledge of all clients to ensure safe, effective supervision.
  • Provide crisis interventions as needed.
  • Document client behavior and other relevant/required information for each shift in daily Client Logs.
  • Provide/obtain immediate medical care when emergencies occur.
  • Notify Supervisors/On-call of emergencies/Incident Reports
  •  Complete incident reporting documentation and notification protocols.
  • Completes bed checks at least every half hour.  Records all bed checks by using the time clock, and submits the card daily after initialing times and singing the bottom of the card.
  • Oversees morning schedule for residents, including wake-up and chores, showers, and bus schedule.

Client File Management/Documentation:

  • Complete client admissions and necessary paperwork on shift as necessary
  • Create new client folders as necessary

Potential Client Calls:

  • Receive calls for referral and placement; collect information and make referral connections to YSS or other community resources as needed according to the procedure.
  • Maintain working knowledge of applicable Community Resources in the community and surrounding communities in order to provide accurate information to callers in need of service.
  • Complete CWES Screening Tool for callers requesting service/placement; begin admission paperwork if the call results in placement.
  • Access supervisors/On-Call staff to identify the appropriate level of CWES engagement referral calls as necessary.


  •  Field telephone calls and greet visitors in a courteous, professional manner; screen visitors before they enter the facility to ensure safety.
  • Ensure safe living conditions are provided and the facility is in compliance with Fire, Safety, Health, and all other licensure standards; submit work orders, inform Maintenance Staff and Supervisors if needed when repair/maintenance is required.
  • Facilitate monthly client group session instructing clients on Fire and Tornado Safety. Conduct monthly Fire and Tornado Drills when rotation is on shift.
  • Submit Work Orders as necessary when repair/maintenance is required to ensure timely completion by Maintenance Staff.
  • Document mileage in RDS Van mileage log whenever van is used.
  • Ensure Van is clean and fueled when needed. Inform Supervisors immediately if maintenance/repair is needed.
  • Ensure grounds are clean and free of the trash. Submit Work Order if additional maintenance is required.


For more information, please contact Ryan Dierks at

All applicants are required to complete an online application.
YSS hires nicotine-free staff only. EOE