Got Resources? A Six Part Video Series to Make “Adulting” Easier

Got Help?

You deserve to enjoy happy and healthy teen years. At YSS Adolescent Residential Addiction treatment, we’re here to help you attain that by overcoming addiction.  Watch this video to hear stories about adolescents acknowledging they need help, seeking help and starting fresh.

Got People?

Community is important. At YSS Aftercare Services, we have a community of adults that are here to help you move forward and achieve your potential. Watch this video to hear stories about young people who found safe, positive communities to support them through the challenges of transitioning from foster care to self-sufficiency.

Got School?

Knowledge and education provide pathways to success and creating the life you want. Watch this video for step-by-step ways to move forward within your educational career.

Got Housing?

It can be tricky to find a housing arrangement that works for you. Proximity to work or school, bus accessibility, your personal budget, finding a cosigner- these are all factors to consider when looking for housing. YSS has advocates and resources to help you succeed in this step of your life. Watch this video to learn about securing housing and people and programs that can help you along the way.

Got Money?

Financial literacy is crucial to smart spending and saving. Watch this video for tips on how to spend money wisely, save money and prepare for adulthood.

Got Meds?

Medication, insurance and doctor’s appointments don’t have to be confusing. At YSS Family Counseling and Clinic, we’re here to help you navigate these topics and meet your needs appropriately. Watch this video to learn more.