What to Look for in an Adolescent Residential Addiction Treatment Facility

Seeking help for an addiction is a significant step on the road to recovery. And the decision to seek inpatient treatment can be overwhelming. The primary goal of inpatient programs is to provide a safe, supportive environment for youth and to give them tools they need to achieve long-term sobriety. An inpatient treatment center allows youth to live with and be surrounded by others who face similar struggles of addiction; reinforcing the notion that they’re not alone in their fight for recovery. Moving into a treatment center also displays dedication to treatment and rehabilitation.

Who the Treatment is For

Plainly stated, the best kind of facility depends on the needs of the client. Find out what types of addictions the facility treats.

Is there specificity in who the program is geared toward? Some inpatient treatment centers offer a comprehensive tailored treatment approach meaning the breakdown of programming covers various age groups, can be gender responsive and can accommodate individuals with additional needs. Some treatment centers may be limited to a one-size-fits-all solution.

YSS offers recovery programming to a specific age group (12-18 years of age), with a gender-responsive focus and makes individual accommodations, such as behavioral health assessments and care, when necessary.

What Accommodations are Like

Some facilities are more institutionally-driven, which creates a less inviting, more regimented environment. Although they can still be effective, these conditions don’t offer youth the comfort and warmth of a facility that resembles their home. When a youth feels at-ease, they are more disposed to effective treatment.

At YSS, our standards are incredibly high when it comes to creating a comfortable atmosphere. Youth who receive treatment from YSS are welcomed by a safe, home-like atmosphere. Our caring staff provides safety and security as youth begin to recover from addiction. An extraordinarily crucial element of recovery is the setting in which the program takes place. We’re committed to maintaining a professional staff and quality facilities that contribute immensely to the well-being of the youth we serve.

Treatment Types

There are a variety of approaches to drug addiction treatment in youth, but not all are created equal. Ensuring a youth receives the correct treatment begins with an overall assessment and diagnosis. Once this diagnosis is determined, treatment paths begin to diverge. Some facilities will present youth with a treatment course developed to provide a personalized approach, while others may have a standard program each resident will take part in.

Adolescent Residential Addiction Treatment at YSS is a high-quality, evidence-based treatment program tailored to meet the specific needs of each youth. Our treatment process incorporates a holistic wellness approach which leads to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness for the youth we serve. We help to develop these three components of a healthy lifestyle so they can be used as tools each guest can deploy in their effort to maintain sobriety.

Evidence-based treatment delivers therapeutic and skill development guidance and support, led by licensed behavioral health therapists and certified addiction counselors. Psychiatric evaluation and medication management are essential components of the program. Co-occurring mental health treatment services help to address issues that may accompany substance use.

We understand the pervasive nature of addiction and the necessity to provide services to not only the addict, but their family and support network as well. Our treatment experts implement multidimensional family therapy (MDFT), which is a comprehensive, family-centered approach that is structured and goal-oriented, focusing on all of the relationships that may influence a teen (e.g. family, peers, neighbors, school, community). YSS is in the top 10 of all therapeutic professionals in the United States to implement MDFT.


Insurance is one of the most common ways of paying for treatment. The amount covered depends on the insurer and what the health provider accepts. Medicaid, state-funded health insurance, and private insurance are some of the types of insurance that may cover addiction.

Each youth’s wellness is our top priority. We work with each family to find a payment option that works for them. Whether its insurance coverage, Medicaid/ Title 19, private pay, or anything in between, we don’t let money stand in the way of treating youth that are in need of help.

Why YSS?

YSS Residential Addiction Treatment provides a successful, individualized, and evidenced-based recovery program for youth (ages 12-18) in a safe, home-like atmosphere. We also utilize a gender-responsive focus when implementing treatment strategies which help us tap into known biologically-based behavior models.

We are committed to positively impacting the lives of children, youth and families, giving what many have never experienced—opportunity and hope for a brighter future. Our Residential Addiction Treatment Program offers youth the opportunity to heal in a comfortable space, and our caring staff provides safety and security as youth begin their journey to recovery.

We’re a non-profit organization, which means we have total control over the services we offer and are more responsive than federally or state-funded centers. Total organizational control also allows us to quickly respond to the needs of those we’re treating, making our practices more effective than the average treatment center.

We want to make sure all of your questions are answered; this is a battle we’re in together. Contact us today for more information.