Residential Addiction Treatment

1 in 6 people struggle with substance use in their lifetime—and 90% start as a teen.

Residential Addiction Treatment

Healing Starts with Hope

YSS Residential Addiction Treatment provides a successful, individualized and evidence-based recovery program for youth (ages 12-18) in a safe, homelike atmosphere.

What are the benefits to residential treatment?

+ We offer an environment focused on recovery and well-being. 

+ Gender-specific treatment helps youth develop coping skills, healthy relationship-building skills, and relapse prevention strategies  

+ Family is integrated into treatment through visits, family therapy, virtual parent information sessions, and our unique Strengthening Families Weekend 

How do I get started?

Call 515-461-8556 and we will connect you with the next step based on your needs.

What is the cost for residential treatment?

Our financial team works with each family to find a funding option that fits your needs—whether that is commercial insurance (including Blue Cross Blue Shield options), Medicaid, or private pay. We can also work with you to set up payment plans. 

How long is the treatment program?

Typical stay is 3-4 months. 

“Thanks to YSS, my teenager learned to love, value, and respect herself and our family. Home is home again because of the treatment she received.”

– YSS parent

Home Away From Home

Residential Addiction Treatment offers youth the opportunity to heal in a comforting and comfortable space. Our caring staff provides safety and security as youth begin to recover from addiction.

Our staff, your advocates

Our counselors are highly trained to help build coping skills, educate on substance abuse and motivate youth to be successful in their journey toward sobriety. Each individual client’s progress is reviewed by the treatment team during a weekly supervision.

A Lifetime of Support for a Lifetime of Recovery

We continue to support youth after they graduate from our program and return to their communities. We offer:

  • Weekly virtual alumni support group
  • Check-ins from YSS recovery advocate
  • Scholarships to pursue higher education at


Seven-12 House
Ames, Iowa
For Girls

Youth Recovery House
Ames, IA
For Boys

YSS Francis Lauer
Mason City, IA
For Boys

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There is hope. Treatment works, and recovery is possible. You just have to take the first step.

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