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2023 YSS Recovery Scholarship Recipients Announced

YSS is pleased to announce the 2023 recipients of the YSS Mary Ann and Jim Black Collegiate Recovery Scholarship: Nyssa and Patrick.

The scholarship was created in 2021 by Mary Ann and Jim Black, a long-time YSS donor and member of the YSS Corporate Board of Directors. The funds support successful graduates of Ember Recovery residential treatment program as they strive to achieve their goals through higher education.

Nyssa started her recovery journey at Ember last year in August, graduating the residential treatment program five months later.

“I learned a lot about how to confront my problems instead of running away from them.”

Nyssa says she continues to use the tools she learned while at Ember Recovery in her everyday life.

Currently, Nyssa is focused on graduating high school. After graduation, she plans on attending Iowa Western Community College and majoring in psychology. Nyssa is also preparing to focus on her education for a while, with plans on receiving a doctorate degree.

The YSS Mary Ann and Jim Black Collegiate Recovery Scholarship will provide Nyssa with funds for her education goals.

“I am planning on putting the money in my savings for college. It makes things a lot easier. It’s helping a lot with our current financial situation.”

Earlier this year, Nyssa won an award at the 2023 McCay Impact Awards for Youth Leadership. Cameron Bedford, Residential Advocate at Ember Recovery, presented her with the award, “She has pushed herself through everything, finding many resources to help her remain sober and have a positive impact on her community.”

Patrick entered the Ember Recovery residential treatment program in September 2021—seven months later he graduated from the program.

“There were some great tools and knowledge that I appreciate, and always will, that helped me during that journey. Overall, it was good experience.”

Patrick says the residential treatment program helped him realize he didn’t have to bottle his emotions and speaking his mind in a healthy way is important.

Now, Patrick is studying at Palomar College in California. He hopes to become a teacher and therapist, where he can help kids like him be the best versions of themselves and create a safe space for them to speak their minds, feel their emotions, and live healthy lives.

“I want them to know you can say what you feel without judgment. It reminds me of the 12-step program we used at Ember. I want to tie that way of thinking into my teaching.”

The YSS Mary Ann and Jim Black Collegiate Recovery Scholarship will provide Patrick with funds for his education goals and the ability for him to purchase glasses and a new ID.

“This scholarship will change my life. My eyesight is bad and getting glasses would be great. There is stuff I can’t see that is like 10 feet away from me, that’s how bad it is. For my education, I will be able to buy books. With the ID, it will make things easier with getting a job because you need updated identification.”

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