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2021 Recognition Luncheon Honors YSS Supporters

 YSS held its 2021 Recognition Luncheon on Dec. 16 at the Gateway Hotel in Ames. The annual event celebrates YSS’s supporters, highlights the organization’s achievements, and looks to the year ahead.


Dr. Charles Small of the YSS Foundation Board of Trustees and Andrew Allen, YSS President & CEO, gave welcoming remarks. 


The following award winners were honored: 


+ Chief Mike Tupper, Youth Advocacy & Leadership Award 

+ Adele and Dean Bowden, Outstanding Philanthropy Award 

+ Kelly Garcia, Outstanding Contribution to the Well-Being of Children and Youth Award 

+ Brian, Mary, Drake, Nicholas, and Grace Lohse, Volunteer Fundraising Leadership Award 

+ Associate Professor Julie Stevens and the ISU Advanced Landscape Architectural Design Class, Youth to Youth Award 

+ Kathy and Ron Birkestrand, Volunteer Leadership and Service Award, YSS of Hamilton County 

+ Laura Jontz, Volunteer Leadership and Service Award, IHYC 

+ Lt. Kiel Stevenson and Lt. Sadie Weekley, Volunteer Leadership and Service Award, YSS of Marshall County 

+ Sandi Johnson (posthumous), Volunteer Leadership and Service Award, YSS of Boone County 

+ Ozzie Ohl, Volunteer Leadership and Service Award, YSS Francis Lauer 

+ Dominic Lam, Dr. George Inspiring Hope Award 

+ Andrea Dickerson, Dr. George Founder’s Award 


Lindsey Long of the YSS Board of Directors gave closing remarks. The luncheon and ceremony was attended by donors, staff, supporters and their families.  


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